What is Prototype development?

After all the validation and deep research that you have undergone to set your ideas in concrete, its time to put your concept into action. Just explain your concept and within a few weeks, you are ready to implement your basic idea.

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    Why Prototyping is important?

    Prototyping is the main and most important element that presents all the information and answers to major important questions. It makes sure that the product is really worth to invest a large amount of money and time.

    What does it take to have minimum investment?
    Who are our genuine and potential customers?
    What should be the minimum capital to launch the product in the market?
    Through Prototyping, we can get answers to all these important questions, so that your product can head to development.

    In other words, it is important to prevent the loss of investment. Also, creating a digital product is not easy; it requires a large amount of time and money so if you are making one, you should be sure that it’s going to work. Prototyping gives a sort of confirmation before heading it to development. Through prototyping, the probability of failure remains 0%.

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    How Prototype Functions?

    Prototyping is a 2-week process occurring in proper steps.

    We first dive deep into the concept; after understanding it thoroughly, we try to solve critical problems while being flexible. At last of all these steps, you'll have a clickable prototype as a step-by-step blueprint for development and notification that your product is ready for its users.

    The entire process of prototyping is divided into several steps. Studying the steps (phase) will give you more clarity and takes you one step towards development. After each phase, the following questions will be clear to you.

    Who wants your product?
    How do the clients expect it to be?
    What will be the USP of your product?

    After resolving all these, we are ready to launch it in the market.

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Simple and quick way to develop prototype. It breaks down the overlay of how to get people interest, feedback out there using simple strategies

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As the team had provided me with a total new perspective of how one should approach and explore startup development. Team is awesome and I would have to say the best money I have spend on myself yet.

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I truly enjoyed sessions with team and products I've purchased almost all his stuff because every time I implement the one thing, the results seems to come almost immediately. This sort of ROI from a strategy or technique is so awesome, I've never experienced before from other online courses! Thanks man!

Carliff R

they selflessly shares their life changing experience almost free. they pushes me out of my comfort zone and makes me want to achieve more.


ALL the Tips and ideas are really mind blowing! it is easy to apply, all the thing I just need to do is take action, meet investor and explain to people!

Yee Ling L

Prototype development made my way to explaining super easy ! now i can easily share my app with people and get their interest and feedback :)

Koh Yee T

Great value for money. they overdelivered and gave us an incredible way to understand and present our idea to people. I highly recommend it!

Eugen R

First thing every person with startup idea should do is prototyping and that with Techddy team :) ! Awesome

Matt G

Thank you for bringing me new opportunities . Investors look interested after prototyping and market research !

Khue V

Great value for money. they overdelivered and gave us an incredible amount of information about our concept/project to use to present to investors. I highly recommend it!

Eugen R

Process Of Prototyping

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    The very first step is to define and explain the main concept of the product. In this step, we will discuss the core idea and driving force behind the product to be designed and launched. Next, we will dive deeper into understanding the market and designing the strategies to compete in the market by taking all the possible factors into consideration. At the end of this phase, we will end up with the vision of how to proceed further and we will also get to know how it’s going to stand out in the market. We can also strategize on making the product better and more useful for potential users.

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    In the second phase, we will prepare a rough sketch of the product. The critical problems are likely to pop up after we have a rough idea of the market and the blueprint of the product in hand. The rough sketching will open us to possible solutions. In the end, we will narrow it down to an effective solution and work towards its implementation.

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    UX/UI design + Clickable Web App

    Now that we are unambiguous about the product and its market value, it is time to work on the development of the product. Our team will transform your product into a beautifully designed clickable prototype i.e. Web App that you can share with potential customers. We will then take your product into action by testing it with real customers. We will provide a tool that will let you test your product with real-time users, raise money and take your product to the next level.

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    Final Touches

    From defining the core concept to final development it is time for final touches. We will double-check all the steps to make sure that each phase functions and works accordingly.

Prototype Development Fees

UX/UI design + Clickable Web App
Final Touches


= $2580

Our Cost


*It includes 7 Pages of App, for rest
will charge extra

In the end, you have in your hand:

  • 1) Prototype i.e. Clickable Web app for both Android and IOS, which you can share with your Investors, customers, and friends.
  • 2) Get the complete idea of working of your App, i.e. how exactly you are looking to have it developed.
  • 3) You will land up with high chances of getting investment on your App.
  • 4) Get Feedback from the customers, friends, and family.

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